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Rick Parfitt photograph by Terry O'Neill

Rick Parfitt

As you are all aware, on Saturday 24 December 2016, sadly, we lost our truly amazing friend, Rick Parfitt.  

One week later, the fully sold out JCQ gig at The Half Moon, Putney, was dedicated to the memory of a late, great friend. Emotions ran high, not only amongst the legion of Quo fans who attended, but also with the band and with John especially.

A message from John:

Thank you to our amazing Quo family for coming out in the fog to be with JCQ and remember dear Rick; special thanks to Olle for flying in specially from Stockholm to play harp; Russ Chadd (not from Stockholm!!); Martin, Jen, Megan, Carol for doing Merch; Alan G Parker, who made it all happen again for the FF; Colin Earl, who we've missed; and all the wonderful friends and fans too numerous to mention - and to Wilbert for his moving poem....

Happy New Year to you all and we look forward to seeing you at JCQ gigs throughout 2017

Wilbert Soetens' wonderful poem for Rick:

The Rhythm King.

There he stands, legs apart with his Telecaster hanging Down Down
Caught in the spotlight for yet Another Game In Town
This is his moment and he is feeling mighty Fine Fine Fine
And the magic is complete when he hammers into Caroline
Thousands of people clapping and jumping to this thunderous beat
No need to be there If You Can’t Stand The Heat
Such a power coming from his side of the stage
Everybody is getting fired up and Don’t Think It Matters, the age

This feeling is only to be delivered by this One Man Band
It doesn’t care for explanation, everyone will understand
It never was a Slow Train which came down on his Railroad track
Pushed himself more than once Over The Edge but he always came Back To Back
And if he ever was in need for a Softer Ride or felt like a Lonely Man
He never lost his Tune To The Music and was Rocking On, Again and Again
But now, intro’s have fallen quiet and never again we hear the sound of an encore
He’s a Broken Man and the time has come that he Can’t Give You More

The Rhythm King is Too Far Gone, his loss has a massive impact
It is like a meteor coming down on Heavy Traffic and That’s A Fact
So Ends Another Life, he is now a High Flyer and can Shine On from above
Is There A Better Way to remember and celebrate his life than to play and enjoy his music with love
And that’s why the memory will not only be Living On An Island
No way, it is Rocking All Over The World and not too silent

It also means that the mighty Frantic Four will nevermore play and sing their rhymes
But they have given millions of people the joy of their life and far more than 4500 Times
April, Spring, Summer and Wednesdays, Rain or shine, one thing will be clear
I always will listen to and play the music of Status Quo for a day, a week, A Year
It makes me feel that Something’s Going On In My Head
And that way, you see, to me Rick Parfitt will simply never be dead.

Poem written by Wilbert Soetens.

Dedicated to Richard John Parfitt (12-10-1948 / 24-12-2016), one of the Frantic Four.

You gave me the ride of my life with your music. You will never know what it means to me……

A review of the gig is available from our friends at MetalTalk.net including an interview with John. See it here.

R.I.P. Rick Parfitt - The worlds best rhythm guitarist.